St. Patrick's Day Humour


Dere’s a pot o’ gold in yonder del
I see it shinin’ in der night
but by time me gets to where it’s at –
it’s disappeared from sight.

Me tinks it is dem leprechauns
playing dere tricks on me
dey knows I’d search t’ rainbow’s end
t’ find treasure meant fer me.

So I sits ere contemplatin’
how I can outsmart dere pranks
whilst I down a pint or two
an’ toast de Guinness’s, w’ tanks.

I’ tis a big dilemma,
dey gang up on me y’ see,
an’ I can ‘ear ‘em laughin
as the grog takes over me.

Ah well, maybe tomorra
I’ll tink up an ingenious plot
as to how I can bypass der tricks,
but dey are a connivin’ lot!

Dem leprechauns!

 Jean Kay

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A Wee Bit o’ Blarney

You know when the Irish start out by saying “Now this is a true story!” that the truth will surely be stretched a little.  With that in mind, and being English not Irish, I wrote the following poem and it is spoken as if I was Murphy with a very broad accent.  The volume is low, so please turn up your speakers and enjoy.