Christmas Peace


Christmas is not far away,
decorations are appearing.
Christmas trees are being put up,
it’s an atmosphere that’s endearing.

Having peace at Christmas
is a miracle in itself.
Everyone is busy
making sure there’s food on the shelf.

The stores are full of shoppers
trying to buy what’s on their list,
buying an extra gift or two
in case there is someone they missed.

Christmas cakes are all wrapped up
in cheesecloth soaked in brandy,
Christmas cookies are being baked
(a supply of them is handy!)

Celebrations of many kinds –
breakfasts, lunches, dinners.
Donating food to help the poor
makes all of us the winners.

Christmas concerts being performed
for the audiences delight;
‘O Come all ye Faithful’, ‘Jingle Bells’,
and the beautiful ‘O Holy Night’.

Santa’s are filling stockings
for all the girls and boys.
There are new ideas every year
for all the latest toys.

It’s a busy time for airlines
family visits are in order,
everyone’s got extra bags, and
security’s tight at the border.

I pray for peace this Christmas –
the peace that is meant to be.
Let’s all strive for peace of mind
to keep Canada glorious and free!

Jean Kay

PICK ME – A cat ad poem by Jean Kay

Day 19 NaPoWriMo – prompt “Write a poem in the form of a personal ad! Or, if you like, try any kind of want ad.  Here is mine.



They named me Puffball Poomba
they call me Poomba, for short.
I’m soft, cuddly and house trained
as it says on my report.

I ‘m as cute as a button
and I’ll try not to ever push yours.
I promise to stay out of your way
when you’re doing household chores.

I’m pretty good with children,
unless they tease me too much.
I like to be brushed and petted,
I enjoy a loving touch.

I play with balls and toys
good at tossing them around.
I prefer toys I can claw at
not ones with a squeaking sound.

You know you want to adopt me
and I’d love to live at your house.
I like both wet and dry food
and the occasional mouse.

I need a home, you need a friend –
what could be better than that?
Pick me – you won’t be sorry,
I am an adorable cat.

And we did!

Jean Kay

April 19, 2013

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