Fog gives an ethereal shield
to what, I know, is there.
It outlines trees in the foreground
as if the background is bare.

Fog creates the sound of silence,
very good for my soul.
It deadens noise I sometimes hear
from commuters on the roll.

Those driving to work>
will not like the fog,
it adds time to their drive
as each minute they log.

It makes them slow down.
Is that really so bad?
When the fog burns off
I’ll be a bit sad.

The sun has risen
but not broken through.
There’s enough light to give glow
to a thick morning dew.

I feel very blessed
when I take time to see
all beauty of nature
which calls out to me.

Jean Kay

Blessed Morning

2014 Sept 9 Sun & Moon 019r2s

Blessed Morning

As the sun rose in the east
a full moon slipped away in the west.
What a wonderful way to start my day
I feel very peaceful and blessed.

Capturing both scenes from my garden
is another gift I’m grateful for,
green grass, trees and flowers,
birds feeding outside my door.

Thank you, Mother Nature,
for all beauty that on earth abounds,
for freedom to enjoy and experience
natural sights and sounds.

Jean Kay
September 9, 2014

2014 Sept 9 Sun & Moon 006rs

Happy New Year 2014

Sunrise Jan 1 2014

Sunrise January 1st

It’s sunrise on January 1st,
what does the year ahead hold for me?
I envision success in lots of ways
and will just have to wait and see.

There are enough clouds this morning
to make a very interesting sky,
darker ones represent challenges
which temporarily pass us by.

A splash of pink shows warmth and promise
of good things yet to come.
A tiny patch of turquoise sky
may have been missed by some.

But I saw what was beyond the clouds-
a glimpse of vast open skies,
showing me that opportunities
can unfold before my eyes.

New beginnings demand dedication
of energy, effort and time,
and following through with intentions,
even when it’s an uphill climb.

As this new calendar year starts
with unfinished business from months ago,
it’s time to resolve what can be salvaged
and let all the rest of it go.

Happy New Year

Jean Kay