St. Patrick’s Day Humour


Dere’s a pot o’ gold in yonder del
I see it shinin’ in der night
but by time me gets to where it’s at –
it’s disappeared from sight.

Me tinks it is dem leprechauns
playing dere tricks on me
dey knows I’d search t’ rainbow’s end
t’ find treasure meant fer me.

So I sits ere contemplatin’
how I can outsmart dere pranks
whilst I down a pint or two
an’ toast de Guinness’s, w’ tanks.

I’ tis a big dilemma,
dey gang up on me y’ see,
an’ I can ‘ear ‘em laughin
as the grog takes over me.

Ah well, maybe tomorra
I’ll tink up an ingenious plot
as to how I can bypass der tricks,
but dey are a connivin’ lot!

Dem leprechauns!

 Jean Kay

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Life is Fragile


A two-year old life could have ended
in a pond in a big back yard,
but, miraculously, her life was saved.
The alternative would have been very hard.

Dave’s keen eyes spotted her pink top
below the surface of the water,
he immediately went into action
yelling for Dan, as it was his daughter.

A tiny hand held tight to Dave’s
as he pulled her body ashore.
He will never forget that feeling –
life grasped away from death’s door.

Twenty adults and thirty children
learned how fragile life can be
and how precious every moment is,
we must live life gratefully.

With an attitude of gratitude
good things do come our way.
I’m so grateful for this happy ending
To a glorious Canada Day.

Jean Kay
(Dave’s proud Mumsy)