SEEKING PEACE – A pantun poem by Jean Kay

For Day 15 of National Poetry Month (NaPoWriMo) “I challenge you to write a pantun, which consists of rhymed quatrains (abab), with 8-12 syllables per line. The first two lines of each quatrain aren’t meant to have a formal, logical link to the second two lines, although the two halves of each quatrain are supposed to have an imaginative or imagistic connection.”  Here is mine.


I walk under a pink archway,

it’s cherry blossom season here.

Why is it that every day

I wait for troubled thoughts to clear?


I wish blossoms lasted longer,

beautiful magnolia too.

I hope each day to be stronger

To face what I know I must do.


Peace of mind comes in my garden –

puttering, watering, weeding.

He can’t push my buttons again

my instincts are interceding.


Twittering birds, a joyous sound,

I wonder what they are saying.

Awakened now as thoughts abound

I know I must keep on praying.

Jean Kay

April 15, 2013


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BRISK WALK – A poem by Jean Kay

For day 13 of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) “Your prompt for today is simply to take a walk. Make notes — mental or otherwise — on what you see on your walk, and incorporate these notes into your poem.” Here is the poem I wrote this morning.


An avenue of hot pink magnolia

is awe inspiring to me,

huge, magnificent flowers

blooming on every tree.

A flock of about fifty Pine Siskins

in treetops chattering away.

I love watching them at our feeder

and wonder if they’re here to stay.

Daffodils are still standing tall

for another week or two,

they’ll die off then so summer plants

can have their season too.

Rose bushes are now in full leaf,

no sign of buds forming yet.

They know it’s not their time to bloom.

I hope my planters don’t get too wet.

Freshly mowed, bright green lawns

have been lapping up spring rain,

they give off a pleasing fragrance

and will need to be cut soon again.

A completely grey sky this morning,

high cloud cover, chill in the air.

I know my warm home awaits me

as my brisk walk takes me back there.

Jean Kay

April 13, 2013


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