On Remembrance Day and at Christmas -
thoughts of peace are on our minds,
peace protected by our armed forces
and longed for peace of every kind.

Are you longing for, as I am,
all violence and wars to cease;
envisioning a harmonious world
where love and joy increase?

Are we peaceful in the way we live,
avoiding judgment and hurtful chatter?
Do we truly believe that love and joy
are what make our lives really matter?

They are the most important gifts
that we can give and receive
and the only way we’ll have peace on earth.
We need to truly believe.

Peace has to start with you and me
through love and respect for each other,
accepting that we have differing views
as we’re unique from one another.

I have my beliefs and traditions
and they feel right to me.
It’s not offensive if your beliefs differ,
we can share peace that’s meant to be.

Jean Kay
Poems by request


WELCOME – A poem by Jean Kay

For day 17 of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) “write poems of greeting. There’s lots of things you could greet. The subject’s up to you — now get out there and say “hello!”  Here is mine.


Welcome tiny, precious child.

Do you know how loved you are?

My loving bond will be with you

always, wherever you are.


I watched you come into our world.

I witnessed your first cry.

I heard words of joy from your parents,

like a comforting lullaby.


I recall the first time I held you

as my heart burst open with pride.

Your tight grip around my finger

confirmed love I felt inside.


Ten fingers, ten toes, beautiful eyes,

soft, fine, lovely dark hair,

I’d forgotten I could love that much.

What a privilege to be there.


Such an honour to be your Granny,

I’ll be able to watch you grow,

and give you hugs and kisses,

teach you some things I know.


This reads like a new arrival, but

my precious girl is almost ten.

I can relive those treasured moments

in my mind, time and again.


Jean Kay

April 17, 2013


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