My Grandson the Gymnast

Writing prompt for Day 20 of Writer’s Digest Poem a Day,
“use the title “My… the…”


Twice a week for 4 ½ hours
my grandson works out at the gym.
He’s very strong and powerful—
a muscular body on him.

He can walk on his hands towards a door
and open it with his feet,
then continue to hand-walk through it.
No wonder he can compete.

In gymnastic competitions
boys do pummel, vault, rings,
high and parallel bars
and a floor routine with aerobic things.

He’s completed his fifth competition
and won one silver and four gold.
All his hard work is paying off
and he’s only nine years old.

That’s level one completed,
next year it may be level three.
His coach may boost him up a level
as they works toward more victory.

Jean Kay



Early morning.
Grandchildren slept over.
Four year old granddaughter
in bed with me to “do our books”.
Mine—colour expression and poetry,
hers—coloured picture.

Books done.
Snuggle time.
Arm around her.
Soft face on my shoulder.
Quiet time.

Silence broken
“Granny tell me that word.”
“What word darling?”
“You know the one you call me sometimes.”

“You mean ‘precious’?”
“Yes, that one.”

She snuggles in closer.

“Maya, you are my precious girl
And I love you very much.”

Small arm hugs around my neck.
Precious feeling.
Precious moment.
Precious memory.
Precious girl.

Jean Kay