Vancouver view between appointments
Waiting, trusting, believing
that results from my CT Scan
will help a team of surgeons decide
if surgery is something to plan.
Having chemo for twenty-two months
is not something I ever expected,
but I have coped amazingly well,
much better than was projected.
“You’re still here!” my surgeon stated,
my oncologists are also surprised.
Power of prayer and a positive attitude
are being seen and recognized.
I have requested, from the start,
that friends and family envision me healed.
I don’t want pity or negative thoughts─
those deter healing from being revealed.
So, dear readers, I’m asking again
for your continued support.
I love and appreciate each one of you
as you read my healing reports.
There’ll be some big decisions to make
even if surgery is a green light.
I’ll keep trusting and believing
that I’ll continue to be alright.
Jean Kay

HEART SONG – a ballad by Jean Kay

Day 25 of  NaPoWriMo – “Let’s try a musical form — the ballad. Traditionally, ballads were rhymed poems that told a story of some kind, and were often set to music. If you have any musical talent, it might be fun to try and actually make a tune for your ballad!”  Here is what I sang on to my page this morning. I must now write down the tune before it leaves my head.



What song do I hear my heart sing

as I greet this beautiful dawn?

A song of love or a song of joy,

like the birds sing every morn?


When our sun rises each morning

I will let my spirits rise too,

though I don’t know what the day may bring

or what I’ll be guided to do.


I can be happy regardless

of challenges coming my way.

I control my feelings and my thoughts,

I know I can have a good day.


Love is my constant companion

there is nothing I can’t achieve.

I need to apply my faith and trust

and be true to what I believe.


So what song is my heart singing

as I greet this beautiful dawn?

Its’ a song of love that’s filled with joy

I will sing like a bird each morn.


Repeat last verse.


Jean Kay

April 25, 2013

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