Achieving Peace by Jean Kay

Capturing sunrise

Capturing Sunrise by Jean Kay

    Achieving Peace

Peace comes from being quiet
and searching deep within
for the inner wisdom and gratitude
that allows my day to begin
in a way that brings peace to my mind
to guide me through my day,
knowing progress is available
in my own special way.
I don’t relish conflict
and keep trouble at arms’ length.
I don’t take on challenges of others
for I know I need my strength
to retain my inner peace of mind
for guidance and protection.
I’m very grateful when I’m peaceful
and can deal with any rejection.

Jean Kay
June 13, 2013
Written in 8 minutes during a workshop
at CanWrite! 2013

Day after CanWrite!

Day after CanWrite!

Got home at midnight, Orillia time,
the third flight had a seat for me.
Traveling standby isn’t always fun
but that stress is now behind me.

My suitcase, however, is not home yet,
it was on a later flight.
I’m told it will be here this morning
so all will soon be right.

My brain worked hard at CanWrite!
trying to take it all in.
Lots of wonderful writing tips
for authors and those who’ll now begin.

Each writer’s journey is personal,
different for everyone –
plotting, planning and sorting ideas
until their story is done.

Writing, re-writing, cut and/or paste,
check, re-read as you edit,
leave it a while, read again,
share with someone who hasn’t read it.

Not your parents, siblings or best friends
they are much too close to you.
A professional agent or editor
has a much better point of view.

Is the reason for your story clear?
Are your characters believable?
Do you know them intimately?
Are goals from conflicts achievable?

When you come away from CanWrite!
with ideas filling your head
about making your story better
you look forward to the work ahead.

Thanks CanWrite!

Jean Kay
June 17, 2013