Happy Canada Day


July 1st in a heat wave,
Happy Canada Day.
Take time to honour our country
and celebrate in your own way.

We have so much to be grateful for.
Start each day with gratitude
for all the freedoms we possess,
our health relies on a good attitude.

Natural wonders are within reach
mountains, rivers, lakes, the sea,
beautiful trees, flowers and fields
All available for you and for me.

Let’s celebrate each other –
neighbours, family and friends.
with a smile, handshake, a cheery “Hello”,
or a phone call to make amends.

Be safe when you are traveling,
be courteous, helpful and kind.
Be proud you are a Canadian
and keep gratitude on your mind.

Happy Canada Day

Jean Kay

Canada Day

Canadian Flag


Sunshine, blue skies, birds singing,
garden growing every day,
an amazing world we live in –
Happy Canada Day.

I’m so pleased my parents decided,
sixty-one years ago,
to move our family to Canada
where, they knew, opportunities grow.

We enjoy so many freedoms here,
language, culture, written word,
religion, foods from our native lands,
freedom to speak out and be heard.

So much to be grateful for
in Canada, our homeland,
natural beauty of many kinds
to explore throughout the land.

Here in Canada’s southwest corner
we have mountains, fields and the sea,
a natural playground to enjoy.
I feel blessed to be here, being me.

Happy Canada Day

Jean Kay

Canada Day

Canadian flag

Canada Day

July 1st already,
Happy Canada Day.
Sun is shining, very hot,
blue sky all the way.

Celebrations are plentiful:
fairs, picnics, shows,
entertainment of all sorts,
lots of choices to where one goes.

Beach, pool parties, barbeques,
having friends over for dinner,
taking a drive in the country,
every event can be a winner.

Celebrate in safety –
do not drink and drive.
Look after yourself and loved ones,
be grateful that you are alive.

Canada’s a wonderful country,
count your blessings to be here.
Get out and enjoy the sunshine
but keep that sunscreen near.

Happy Canada Day

Jean Kay