Blessed Morning

2014 Sept 9 Sun & Moon 019r2s

Blessed Morning

As the sun rose in the east
a full moon slipped away in the west.
What a wonderful way to start my day
I feel very peaceful and blessed.

Capturing both scenes from my garden
is another gift I’m grateful for,
green grass, trees and flowers,
birds feeding outside my door.

Thank you, Mother Nature,
for all beauty that on earth abounds,
for freedom to enjoy and experience
natural sights and sounds.

Jean Kay
September 9, 2014

2014 Sept 9 Sun & Moon 006rs

Canada Day

Canadian Flag


Sunshine, blue skies, birds singing,
garden growing every day,
an amazing world we live in –
Happy Canada Day.

I’m so pleased my parents decided,
sixty-one years ago,
to move our family to Canada
where, they knew, opportunities grow.

We enjoy so many freedoms here,
language, culture, written word,
religion, foods from our native lands,
freedom to speak out and be heard.

So much to be grateful for
in Canada, our homeland,
natural beauty of many kinds
to explore throughout the land.

Here in Canada’s southwest corner
we have mountains, fields and the sea,
a natural playground to enjoy.
I feel blessed to be here, being me.

Happy Canada Day

Jean Kay

Remembering D-Day (70th Anniversary)

In honour of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, I have re-posted my poem.

Remembering D-Day

A poem I wrote for a Tribute to D-Day Luncheon

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