When Words Collide 2016

Wow! That was a jam-packed weekend
at When Words Collide, Calgary,
so many good presentations
and interesting people to see.

I’m flying home as I write this
with gratitude filling my mind-
to Catherine for inviting me,
and everyone being so kind.

Thanks, Randy McCharles, committee,
and all the helpful volunteers.
The weekend was a huge success
it’s grown so much over the years.

I attended as a poet
as it’s what I know, what I do.
I write a poem each morning
so I always have one that’s new.

Thank you to those who attended
my panels and presentation.
Poetry is alive and well
and holds its own fascination.

Jean Kay


Off to Calgary


 Sort out, pack, get ready to go
are my priorities today,
and make sure I have business cards
to exchange along my way.

Off to Calgary tomorrow
to attend ‘When Words Collide’,
present ‘Marketing Poetry’
as I explain each power point slide.

I’ll meet a lot of new people
which I’m excited about.
I’ll also cement some friendships
and have lots of fun, no doubt.

I’ve worked very hard preparing,
been to conferences before—
coordinated for others,
now it’s my time to hold the floor.

Jean Kay