CINDERELLA HERE… – A persona poem by Jean Kay

For day 14 of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) “I challenge you to write a persona poem — that is, a poem in the voice of a particular person who isn’t you. But I’d like you to choose a very particular kind of person. How about a poem in the voice of a superhero (or a supervillain)?”  Here is mine.



I’ll do your chores as best I can,

but I believe God has a better plan.

He doesn’t want a good girl like me

to feel so trapped, I’m meant to be free.

Free to live a happier life

and maybe, one day, to become a wife.

My stepmother’s treatment is so unfair,

but I do a she asks and stay out of her hair.

My stepsisters are mean and condescending,

their hateful looks and words are never-ending.

I love time alone, when they’re all out,

I sit by the fire and dream about

how different my life will soon be

when somehow, someway I will break free.

I’ll keep wishing, hoping and praying,

for I know God can hear what I am saying.

He performs miracles and because I believe,

happiness, and a better life I will achieve.

I’ll be patient and work hard til the day

when my earned rewards will come my way.


Jean Kay

April 14, 2013


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St. Patrick’s Day Humour


Dere’s a pot o’ gold in yonder del
I see it shinin’ in der night
but by time me gets to where it’s at –
it’s disappeared from sight.

Me tinks it is dem leprechauns
playing dere tricks on me
dey knows I’d search t’ rainbow’s end
t’ find treasure meant fer me.

So I sits ere contemplatin’
how I can outsmart dere pranks
whilst I down a pint or two
an’ toast de Guinness’s, w’ tanks.

I’ tis a big dilemma,
dey gang up on me y’ see,
an’ I can ‘ear ‘em laughin
as the grog takes over me.

Ah well, maybe tomorra
I’ll tink up an ingenious plot
as to how I can bypass der tricks,
but dey are a connivin’ lot!

Dem leprechauns!

 Jean Kay

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