Summer Solstice and Father's Day

Summer Solstice and Father’s Day

June 21, 2015

Summer Solstice and Father’s Day
two reasons to celebrate.
To Dads everywhere, blood-related or not,
your role’s important, make it top rate.

You’re observed, appreciated, admired
by young people in your life,
some of you doing it on your own,
others with support of your wife.

What you say and what you do,
how you react to what’s going on
is how children perceive you—
what they’ll remember when they move on.

Being gentle, kind and affectionate
are qualities you can share.
Being approachable is key,
letting them know you’ll always be there.

Make time to give a compliment
for all small tasks they achieve,
don’t let goals won go unnoticed,
let them know that, in them, you believe.

Use your inner wisdom as guidance.
Be ready to offer support
through all their perceived challenges
in academia, friendships and sport.

They need to feel loved and protected
and that home is a good place to be.
Tell them you love them often
and you’ll get love reciprocally.

Happy Father’s Day, enjoy your summer.

Jean Kay