December Update


I’m enjoying my break from chemo
and my blood counts have improved.
CT scans show tumors are stable, but
I want them completely removed!

Reciting, singing, volunteering,
are what I continue to do,
gardening, when energy permits,
baking and entertaining too.

No pity party for this gal,
that wouldn’t help me to heal.
I don’t dwell on side effects either
which improves the way I feel.

Creativity is endless,
I still write a poem every day.
Yes, I still have challenges
but I envision them going away.

I am not my diagnosis
nor an “average” statistic,
I’m on a healing journey from cancer
which, for me, is realistic.

Have a wonder-filled Christmas Season

Jean Kay

Progress Report

Snowgeese in Delta, BC

Progress Report

I’ve been off chemo for six weeks
while my body takes a rest.
I listened to my inner voice
which always knows what’s best.

I asked for time off and got it,
I knew I deserved a break.
I requested a six-month reprieve
for my body and my soul’s sake.

It’s a big relief I feel.
Chemo was bi-weekly, too long.
I was having to focus too much on it
while staying courageous and strong.

My CT scan results are “stable”.
My blood tests have improved.
The next scan is two months from now.
I want those tumors removed.

Today we leave for Maui,
for ten days of fun in the sun.
I’m so ready to do this,
I’ve been busy getting catch-up done.

My Thanksgiving Poetry to Inspire book
talks about being grateful each day.
A timely gift for U.S. Thanksgiving
and, for me, to share my gift my way.

Jean Kay