July 1, 2021

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and family, both near and far.

It still excites me to share the video of the first public concert where my song Canada, Our Canada was performed on April 28, 2017, by Elder College Singers of Delta, BC which is the singing group I belong to.  It was part of Celebrating Canada’s 150th concert series.  I wrote both the music and the lyrics.

Here is the link to me reciting the lyrics: https://youtu.be/Ob00BpvhyqQ  

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Jean Kay

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  • Thank you Jean. This song really is a work of art. It is inspiring, beautifully written, and thoughtfully arranged. Just imagine it being performed by the VSO and the Vancouver Chamber Choir. But why stop there, the Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa should have this song integrated into its itinerary in time for July 1st. I will be writing the PMO requesting that they do just that!

  • We loved the concert and especially the launching of your poem to music
    Congratulations … and look forward to hearing all Canadians singing it loud,
    proud and freely!! Rich, Radiant Blessings… Raywyn

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