March 16, 2019

Surprise Sunrise

I had a biopsy yesterday

and didn’t expect to be kept overnight. 

Sunrise provided this lovely view,

confirming I am alright. 

My blood pressure bounced like a yo-yo,

going lower than my usual low

I had them all a bit baffled.

What was causing it they didn’t know. 

For a week I’ve had pain in my leg

the left one with the stainless steel knee

and a red patch above my ankle

brought extra attention to me.

Two surgeons, six doctors, excellent nurses

were all part of my wonderful care. 

I now await the medical team

to assess my leg and see what’s going on there.

I won’t know biopsy results for a while,

which the surgeon said went well.

When my complete healing will happen

only time and patience will tell.

Jean Kay

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Jean Kay

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