U.S. Election Results

U.S. Election Results

The U.S. Election concluded last night,
the winner had put on an unpleasant fight—
name calling, rudeness, bad ideas,
racist comments – it’s put them back years.

I don’t want his name in my poetry book.
I’m upset at how the results look.
The United States are far from united,
lots of scary-type people are much too excited.

U.S.A.—supposed to be a big world power
lost lots of respect in that final hour.
I feel sorry for Obama in his role
he’ll have to dig deep to appease his soul.

To be gracious, kind and accept what is
a lot he’s accomplished will dissolve into fizz.
Hilary Clinton gave a good speech,
first woman president was almost in reach.

Barrack and Michelle and their family
at the end of the year will be set free,
but what will follow is anyone’s guess.
You did it America – you created this mess.

Heaven help us all!

Jean Kay