July 16, 2015

Goldfinch Lesson

Goldfinch Lesson

  Winds howled most of the night

and continued into the day,

slamming doors inside the house

chasing sleep away.


A Goldfinch was sitting on the grass

not sure what to make of it.

Wind makes it difficult to fly

blowing birds off course a bit.

He tucked his head under his wing,

waiting for wind to die down.

We have hawks and eagles around

I hoped one wouldn’t swoop down.

Mum and Dad were calling him

2015 July 16 Gold Finch 014from our feeder, not far away,

they flew close to him, then up again

as if saying “do it this way!”

How wonderful to witness that lesson

the Goldfinch has now flown.

Repetitive parental actions

Has taught it to fly on its own.

2015 July 16 Gold Finch 010

He’s now back under the feeder

having a good look around

Mum and Dad are still singing to him

and it’s such an endearing sound.

Jean Kay

July 16, 2015


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