January 1, 2015


2015 Jan 1 sunrise 007r


Sunrise – cold, frosty morning,
a new year has begun.
My wishes are for good health and joy,
Happy New Year everyone.

As we contemplate the year ahead,
with our hopes, dreams and desires,
remember to enjoy the journey
and ignite some creative fires.

Softly close the door on the past,
allow it to drift away.
We’ve learned from those experiences
and can now enjoy this new day.

Each moment passes quickly by
as our life is being renewed –
new breath, new cells, new energy.
Let’s focus on gratitude.

We’re not meant to know what lies ahead,
we just have this moment right now –
to live, to love and to be loved
so let’s do it – we’ll be shown how.

Happy new beginnings everyone.

Jean Kay

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  • HI Jean Happy new year to you and Jerry and family. Enjoyed the poem! Cheers Bob

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    Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2015 18:36:41 +0000 To: bob.mackay@hotmail.com

  • Happy New Year, Jean and Jerry! I’ve been wanting to call you ever since your birthday – will do it soon! Am in Colorado until next week with the family. Love you! Rhonda

  • Happy New Year to you and yours. As always your poem is so beautiful , meaningful and encouraging, Gods Blessings LUV VI

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