September 23, 2013



Beyond the Blue
Off in two different directions
my sons chose for their lives,
both now grownup and successful,
happily married to good wives.
I sent my love along with them
and it keeps on coming back,
like my own private jet stream
across blue skies, or storms of black.
Up and down, in and out,
life experiences flow.
Parents can only stand by and watch,
with trust, as our offspring grow.
Jean Kay


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  • Ah, so true! When I took this shot, I was in Barcelona with my (grown) children. My husband and I had arrived in Barcelona on one flight, and each of the kids came on a different flight. Three jets. We converged for a week in an apartment to explore the city where our daughter had spent a year on Rotary youth exchange, and then we all departed in different directions again.

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