September 18, 2013

Gardener’s Gift


I have a grassy looking plant
in one of my flower beds.
I’ve watered it all summer
as other plants raised flowering heads.

To my surprise and sheer delight,
this week, a flower appeared
and it happens to be my favorite –
golden Freesia – I almost cheered.

I’ve grown them in a greenhouse,
enjoyed them in a bouquet,
but to have them growing in my garden
is more than just okay.

It’s like an end of summer gift
my reward for taking care
of it and other plants around,
not knowing what was hiding there.

A Japanese Maple didn’t survive
last winter in that same bed;
I guess it shaded the Freesia so much
it couldn’t raise a flowering head.

I am blessed.
Jean Kay
September 18, 2013

Freesia by Jean Kay
Freesia by Jean Kay

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