April 24, 2013


Day 24 of  NaPoWriMo – here is my today poem



One candle can light an entire room.

How far does my inner light shine?

Am I a lighthouse for guiding others,

with a light that’s uniquely mine?


Am I shining out as bright as I can

or is my dimmer switch turned down low?

Like attracts like, so I must take care

to attract those with a brilliant glow…


By shining out at full power

overriding doubt, worry and fear,

remembering who I am and Whose I am,

so my direction will be clear.


Can one small spark make a difference?

Absolutely! I know that to be true.

My poems have inspired readers

to rethink their own point of view.


One good idea, like a small spark

has potential to ignite

into something big and positive.

Our instincts tell us it’s right.


We shine out through gifts and talents

and skills acquired on our way,

enabling us to reach our goals.

Let’s ignite that spark – starting today.


Jean Kay

April 24, 2013

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