FOOD CHAIN BLUES – An un-love poem by Jean Kay

For day 10 of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) “Many of us have read and even written love poems. But have you written an un-love poem?”  Here is mine.


Lots of birds at our feeder

I enjoy watching them all,

except for a very noisy bird-

I wish crows didn’t come to call.


I know they need to feed their young

but not with birds I’m feeding.

I rescued a Pine Siskin from a crow,

thank goodness it wasn’t bleeding.


When I scare the crows away,

It scares all other birds too,

but the little ones soon come back

we’re part of the rounds they do.


I’m also a cat-loving person

except for a neighbor’s big grey

who stalks birds as they’re eating,

so I have to shoo him away.


I know there is a food chain

as I, myself, eat meat,

but I’m still protective of little birds

who choose to live on my street.


Jean Kay

April 10, 2013



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