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A Wee Bit o’ Blarney

You know when the Irish start out by saying “Now this is a true story!” that the truth will surely be stretched a little.  With that in mind, and being English not Irish, I wrote the following poem and it is spoken as if I was Murphy with a very broad accent.  The volume is low, so please turn up your speakers and enjoy.



Out of the old grows the new,
that applies to plants, and to me and you.
The old yellow leaves that grew last year
make way for new green ones – now spring is here.
New leaves on the trees come where old ones were
that’s the way that it happens year after year.

So what about us in the scheme of things?
Are we aware of just what Life brings?
Are we willing to change and let the past go,
to welcome the new day with what we now know?
Do we walk our talk, or is it just words?
Can we really feel as free as the birds?

What is this Force that creates our power,
that gives us life every minute, each hour?
It’s not something new that I’m trying to say,
it’s the same Power that created the very first day.
We know of the bible, we’ve all heard the story
of God who has all the power and the glory.
Of Jesus and of the way he was born,
of the way he died, of the hatred and scorn.
And then of the way he arose from the dead –
despite of the wounds to his hands, feet and head.
The lesson in that is still being learned
it’s about the power that through faith is earned.</B?

Jesus, the Teacher, did His job well,
two thousand years later – his story we tell.
We are still learning from stories of old,
we hear something different each time they are told.
They are stories of love and of faith and of trust,
they guide us to do all the things that we must.

The Easter story’s about revival,
a lesson – imperative to our survival.

Jean Kay