Jean Kay writes an inspirational poem every morning. Below you may visit a sampling of Jean’s poems she has written over the past twenty-two years. Her goal is to create poetry that is easy to read and understand and will speak to you in a special way.

If you would like to be informed when new poems are posted please contact Jean and put “mailing list” as the subject.

Poetry Samples By Jean Kay

Prior written permission must be obtained if you wish to copy or use these poems in any format. Please contact Jean here.

Comments on Poems written by Jean Kay

“Jean Kay has an outstanding ability to write poetry with just a few comments about a person, place or thing.  I have had Jean write poems for my friend’s birthdays, for wedding anniversaries as well as for a friend’s funeral service.  Her poems are always sincere, thoughtful and memorable.  I am truly amazed by her poetry writing talent.” – Shelley Leonhardt, Ladner, BC

Commissioned Wedding Poem – “Hi Jean, just wanted to tell you how much your poem and thoughtfulness meant to the bride and groom and to John and I. Many thanks for all you did to make it the perfect gift for them.” – BG – Delta, BC

“Jean has been writing a poem for our monthly newsletter at KinVillage Community Centre for 14 years.  It always amazes me how Jean comes up with the perfect poem for every occasion of the year as well as being specific to our members.  Her writings are not only meaningful but beautiful.” – Wanda Green, Newsletter Editor, KinVillage Community Centre, Tsawwassen, BC

Motherhood – Jean that is so beautiful, I’m going to keep this and frame it for my bedroom. I will be sending this poem to all my friends. You are such a gifted writer, I love all your poems, you are so blessed.” – DR, Richmond, BC

“Peace is Obtainable touched me, it is a reminder of how our connection with God is the way to peace, which you described so beautifully” – DK, Delta, BC

Celebrating Canada – that is just so much what we need to be aware of – our freedom, our beautiful country. You are blessed to be able to put all this in words.  Thank you, Jean, this poem will be put up in the lobby of our building with a small Canadian flag. We do need to be reminded of how fortunate we are and how we must protect what we have.” – LG, Delta, BC

“I love the Valentines love Poem you wrote…… it is wonderful. As always,  I just have to say, I  enjoy your poetry, it is so uplifting and inspiring!” – AP, Coquitlam, BC

Happy Thanksgiving – This poem is very lovely – I read it to the family (20) who gathered on Thanksgiving day here and it was also my grandson’s 35th birthday.” LR, Delta, BC

Peace Poem – You are the most inspired person I have ever known!  What a beautiful poem and so appropriate for November.  THANK YOU!” – WG, Delta, BC

Accolades for Morning Light by Jean Kay

“It is a rare poet who shows us how simple things; tears, laughter, and sunsets teach us, heal us and bring us everyday joy. Yet the easy rhythm of Jean Kay’s verse does just that, coaxing treasured memories out from my mind-attic and polishing them so I may remember how thrilling it is to be alive. We each need two copies of Morning Light, One for us and one for our dearest friend.”

Bob Trask

“Here is a collection of especially insightful poems to inspire and lift the reader to positive, healing thoughts that invariably lead to gratefulness, joy, compassion, and unity with our Creator. A treasury to keep within reach.”

Denis S.J. Shackel, PH.D
President, Unlocking of Talents

Videos of recitals

January 23, 2017 Lit Cafe 10 Recital at Alexandra House in Crescent Beach, BC (courtesy of Ken Alder, The Video Guy)

2017 Canada, Our Canada – music and lyrics by Jean Kay , a new song to celebrate Canada

Reciting my song

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